Amazing, Zven, and Mithy are the only players left with a chance to become the first player to win both the NA and EU LCS

With the NA and EU LCS Semifinals approaching fast, it’s time to look at potential titles to be won. In the case for Amazing, Zven and Mithy, they have their eyes set on not just winning their respective leagues; They could become the first players to win both the NA LCS and EU LCS within their playing career.

So far, not a single player has achieved this feat. Last split, Huni and Febiven came close, as the former Fnatic players participated in the NA LCS Semifinals, but lost their respective matches.

Interestingly enough, despite playing in Europe for the majority of his career, Amazing hasn’t won the EU LCS yet. Winning the EU LCS Summer Split with Schalke 04 would mean he’d be the first player to win both titles, as the NA LCS Summer Split Finals are held a few days later.

Amazing came close to achieving this goal in Summer 2015 with Origen, but lost to Fnatic 2-3 in what can be described as the closest EU LCS Split Final to date.

Origen Amazing Zven Mithy
Amazing Zven, and Mithy as former Origen teammates – Photograph taken by Riot Games

Zven & Mithy have won the EU LCS three times, and are facing off against Cloud9 in the NA LCS Semifinals.

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