Altec on Adrian: “We’ve played over 1000 games together, maybe more. I’m confident in him and he’s confident in me.”

Echo Fox have solidified themselves at the top of the standings, but struggled against a reformed TSM, although gaining a win against Team Liquid in incredible record-setting speed.

After the match against TL, Izento spoke with Johnny “Altec” Ru about minion dematerializer, playing with Adrian and Huni’s pocket picks.

Your team broke the record for fastest game time! You completely demolished TL! You guys looked extremely coordinated playing around Tahm Kench ultimate. Do you think the speed of this win was more attributed to your team’s proactiveness rather than the enemy’s mistakes?

I don’t really think so. They had an advantage in the top lane because of Huni’s death but we got their bottom tower and it felt like they wanted to keep fighting us but our champions can save each other so every time they failed an engage, we just wouldn’t fight them. They were trying to force things rather than slowly lose.

Adrian had a minion dematerializer. Can you tell me the situations that this is useful in?

This rune is pretty common now and LCK has adapted to this meta. They usually only run this with melee supports because you can use your targon stacks to kill the cannon. If the enemy doesn’t have this, then you can always push your wave first on the cannon wave, which is extremely useful.

With the adaptability of runes, does your team discuss beforehand what runes you’re going to run? Do you coordinate with your duo or the rest of the team?

Not really. Sometimes I tell Adrian to run the minion dematerializer because I want to keep the wave pushed and the Varus couldn’t recall this game, otherwise he would lose a lot of cs.

What do you see in Adrian that made you want to stay as a duo?

We both just play really well together. He had good success on Immortals and he was only known for playing ranged supports, but when I got to play with him more, he was able to play everything and that surprised a lot of people. We’ve played over 1000 games together, maybe more and I’m confident in him and he’s confident in me.

It seems like whenever the draft is finished, Huni’s pick looks disrespectful. What’s your coach’s philosophy on using these oddball picks?

Huni is really good mechanically and he can play champions that other players can’t. I don’t think it’s disrespectful, and I don’t play top lane but, if he says “this champion is good in this matchup” then obviously we’ll go with it. There’s also a lot of picks you guys don’t even know about, so I’m excited to see them pulled out. He has a lot of confidence in his matchups and we all trust him when it comes to that.

Is your team at all concerned about international play? At the moment, I think it’s safe to start thinking about this. Do you think Echo Fox’s style of “high-speed, high aggression” is going to get punished by the better teams?

Obviously, we play a certain style in NA, but I feel like with LCK teams, they play slow and they’re smart at reacting to plays, so I don’t think we can play this kind of style. We can still play it to an extent, we just have to play with more caution. This would be a good test for us but at the moment, we’re just concerned about securing playoffs and see where we can go from there.

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Izento is a journalist present at the NA LCS, armchair analyst and car enthusiast. As an avid Season 1 League of Legends player, he's since pursued his passion for esports through the power of writing.

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