aAa Release PUBG Roster

against All authority, the French esports organization, released their PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS roster cosistign of Shadow1K, Shiv, Oraxe, mOnKeY and their manager Sealph. The team that recently won the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational and finished second in the Auzom Premier League season 1 as well as second in the Global Loot League pre-season.

“First of all, I would like to thank aAa and especially Chapter and Pac who have trusted us from the beginning, in the moments when we won as in times of doubt. Whether it is the community or the aAa staff, you have always supported us during the previous months. We worked hard to represent aAa the best we could and I know that everyone on the staff has put great effort into granting us the best possible conditions.
We spent two intense months of competition at aAa and surely won’t forget these good times. It has been a very valuable experience for me and no matter what happens, I will always remember our first win at IEM and my time at aAa. It was really nice to share that with you. Thank you for everything!”

– Statement by Shadow1K

The official news issued by against All authority states that they were unable to free enough budget to match the offers the team received from other organizations following their huge success in recent competitions. Also, aAa pointed out that the new organization contacted aAa’s management before negotiating with the actual teams. In conclusion, the line-up is expected to announce their new home within the upcoming days.

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