aAa Wins the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational

against All authority are the champions of the IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017. After eight games between the twenty best team from Europe and North America, they came out on top securing themselves $60,000 USD of the $200,000 USD prize pool.

The top of the leaderboards had always been a close combat. It’s been no one’s game and no team except Digital Chaos has been able to secure themselves more than one chicken dinner. However, the overall victory of against All authority doesn’t come as a surprise as they have been one of the most consistent team during the previous months and have been predicted to be a top three finisher by various different rankings such as The Shotcaller’s IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational 2017 Power Rankings.

The Final Standings

With against All authority, one of the eight teams that fought for their spot in the open qualifiers wins the tournament. Besides them, two other qualified teams, Ghost Gaming and Digital Chaos place among the top five teams. Other top contenders like PENTA Sports, Team Liquid or the favorite FaZe Clan could not deliver the expected performance.

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