Perforating Guns Market Size, Emerging Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis 2021-2026

Stratview Research has added a new research report on ‘Perforating Guns Market’ to its database. This report covers the top regions & countries of the world and shows the industry size, influencing factors, competition, challenges, regional development status, market shares, revenue, and strategies to enhance growth. This report provides a pre-historic and future estimate for the segment and a comprehensive overview of the global market size, growth, supply, demand, share, and key stakeholders.

Market Segments’ Analysis

According to the report, the Perforating Guns Market is likely to witness an impressive CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period.

Based on the well type, the market is segmented as horizontal and vertical. The horizontal segment is estimated to register a higher growth during the forecast period driven by increasing reperforation of old wells which require multiple perforations for a single well from the same reservoir. The segment’s growth is driven by the advanced techniques in the upstream sector and the rising demand for oil & gas.

Based on the gun type, the market is segmented as Through Tubing Hollow Carrier, Wireline Conveyed Casing, Through Tubing Strip, and Tubing Conveyed Perforating. Through tubing hollow carrier guns dominated the market in 2019. The segment is most widely used and is expected to remain the leader during the forecasted period.

Based on the well pressure type, the perforating guns market is segmented as high and low well pressure. The high-pressure wells are aggressive in nature. Apart from current developments in well technology, the instruments are unable to sustain the high pressure and high temperatures in these wells.

Based on the depth type, the market is categorized as up to 3,000 ft., 3,000-8,000 ft., and above 8,000 ft. The perforating guns generally have penetration of 45-48 in length and shoot from 3 to 13 shots per foot.

In terms of regions, North America is estimated to dominate the perforating guns market during the forecast period. In 2019, approximately 250m barrels of oil was discovered in the Glengorm reservoir. The discovery of oil and gas reserves is expected to form a platform for the sales of perforating guns in Europe and North America. In Asia-Pacific, China has discovered high yield and high-quality oil flow in the Bohai Sea, which is driving the growth of the market during the forecast period.

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Key Players

The supply chain of this market comprises raw material manufacturers, distributors, and users. Some of the key players in the Perforating Guns Market are-

  • Schlumberger (US)
  • Weatherford (US)
  • Baker Hughes (US)
  • Halliburton (US)
  • DynaEnergetics (US).

Why to invest in this report?

The present report provides critical insights into the market dynamics and enables strategic decision-making for the existing market players as well as those wanting to enter the market. This report provides market size information to assist with planning and deciding growth strategies. It also helps the users understand market dynamics to provide a deeper insight of industry competition and the supply chain.

The following are the key features of the report:

  • Market composition: Outline, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain assessment
  • Market situation assessment: Growth drivers and constraints
  • Upcoming market trends and forecast assessment
  • Competitive landscape and dynamics: Market share, Product portfolio, New product launches, etc.
  • Attractive market segments and associated growth opportunities
  • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players
  • Key success factors.

The Perforating Guns Market is segmented by–

  • byWell Type (Horizontal, Vertical),
  • byGun Type (Through Tubing Hollow Carrier, Wireline Conveyed Casing, Through Tubing Strip, and Tubing Conveyed Perforating),
  • byWell Pressure Type (High Pressure, Low Pressure),
  • by Depth Type(Up to 3,000 ft., 3,000-8,000 ft., and Above 8,000 ft.),
  • byRegion (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World).

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