2018 All-Star Event Song “Raise Up The Lights” is available

As brought to our attention by Travis Gafford, Riot Games produced a new song called “Raise Up The Lights” for the 2018 All-Star Event featuring The Seige. While there has been no official announcement of the track by Riot Games, it is available on the usual music streaming platforms. The hip-hop duo Riley “Goon” Taylor and James “Taz” Conley are especially popular in the Los Angeles Are and the U.S. overall.

The song had already been teased by a preview of the 2018 All-Star Event login theme. However, it has to be seen if the song can bring the hype needed for the event. While many players declined the event, the overall League of Legends community doesn’t seem as excited about the event as they have been in previous years.

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